Saturday, January 6, 1990

1990 - 13 & 14

This new set is from the 1990 test.

Difficulty: Easy for teachers, not so much for students -- my students come to me with little experience with fractions and no knowledge of the repeating decimal to fraction techniques. Fractions in all phases of math are so important yet the elementary and middle school don't seem to be doing much with them.

Difficulty: Almost too Easy. And yet, the tenth graders spent lots of time trying to find lengths of AE and BC.

Standard instructions for this series: No calculator allowed. Express answers in reduced form. Rationalize denominators. Radicals must be reduced. All numbers are base ten unless otherwise specified. Do not approximate radicals or π. Leave such answers as 1025π or √39, for example. Source: UVM Math Contest 2013

answer 13, answer 14, Published 5/12.


  1. For 13, a nice non-standard approach is to recognize the sum of one fifth and one tenth of one ninth.... (was just teaching this)


  2. I'm not sure about the non-standard part ... what other way is there to solve it than to separate into .2 and .011111?